Responsible Travel announces 35 new overland trips

Just 4 years on from lifting a 10 year boycott of Burma as a tourist destination, Responsible Travel welcomes a 27 day overland trip onto its website, that takes you right to the country’s very heart.

Topped and tailed with China and Thailand this epic trip crosses 3 countries, and every step of the way the in-depth itinerary promises local interaction and the opportunity to sample South East Asia as it was 20 years ago.

Justin Francis, CEO, Responsible Travel said “Over the past year we have seen a 30% increase in bookings for our most popular overland trips. We’re delighted to expand our offering by adding these 35 epic adventures with Dragoman, and anticipate even stronger interest in overland travel as a result of this expanded range.

Responsible Travel screens each of the 9000 holidays on our site for their commitment to responsible tourism, and what makes these new overland adventures special is not only are they exciting, but ethical too. Burma’s decades of isolation have meant that its unique ways of life have remained largely intact.

This makes responsible travel in Burma particularly important as tourism here is effectively a clean slate, a chance to do things right from the beginning rather than trying to undo years of irresponsible tourism. However, it is vital that we ensure our money supports local people wherever possible, rather than government-run hotels. This first overland Burma trip marketed by the company takes care to safeguard local culture, protect environments and strives to ensure that local people benefit fairly.”

Commenting on the 35 new overland trips, Responsible Travel member and MD of Dragoman, who run the trips, Charlie Hopkinson, said, “Overland, truck-based journeys get you away from the tourist trail, often quite literally as specialised trucks can reach places other transport cannot, yet offer all the classic highlights whilst also going into remote regions. Cultural interaction and real-life local experiences are an integral part of these itineraries. ”

“I am a passionate and life-long overlander. From leading our first overland tour to the Congo in 1981 to experiencing more recent trips in Burma and Bhutan, I am truly proud that Dragoman continues to pioneer new and exciting routes around the world. You can now journey from Istanbul to Mandalay or from Rio to Cuzco, where travellers can take our Community Inca Trail and see for themselves the results of genuine responsible tourism.

“Overlanders are more than just travellers, we become part of the adventure – sharing camp duties, enjoying exciting new experiences and, most importantly, recognising we are guests travelling through the communities we strive to support.”

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